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Installation of a professional Wi-Fi network

With AHFIBIT we install professional Wi-Fi for companies that depend on a solid wireless network. Almost every business today depends on the internet and wifi. The standard for professional Wi-Fi is higher in warehouses or offices with flex desks. For such deployment you have to depend on a professional Wi-Fi consultant like AHFIBIT.

First we do an intake and design, only then we can install professional Wi-Fi

Every installation starts with an intake conversation to discuss the needs of the wireless network. Based on this information, we make a predictive site survey. This design will map the access points and determine where the access points are best installed together with the configuration required to provide a fast and stable Wi-Fi network.

Our wi-fi bar is high at AHFIBIT. As a professional Wi-Fi installer, we have experience in all kinds of environments and buildings: going from modern buildings with many WiFi users to business premises with thick concrete walls or warehouses with metal racks. AHFIBIT is aiming for the optimal result of your wireless network with the best user experience

Wi-Fi throughput
Performance profit
Wi-Fi uptime

Wi-Fi Site Survey

A site survey is a thorough analysis of the wireless network. It identifies the disruptive factors or determines the most optimal position for a new access point.

Wi-Fi Site Survey includes

  • Professional intake to discuss requirement
  • Security issues identified on your network
  • Wi-Fi heatmap & channel plan
  • Clear defined site survey report
  • Meeting to discuss results

A good Wi-Fi network means superior user experience in a secure way.

A good Wi-Fi network is not just about the speed of the WiFi network. Our mission is to provide an optimal user experience anywhere on any mobile device for any real-time application. Security and mobility of your wireless network is one of our key performance indicators.

As IT systems and operational technologies (OT) increasingly connect to the internet, such as through cloud applications, organizations become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Security on the wireless network is therefore crucial

Frequently asked questions about professional Wi-Fi networks

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding wireless networks

We recommend using the 5GHz or even the 6GHz frequency as much as possible. On the 2.4GHz frequency band there are many interfering factors such as microwave oven or motion detectors that disrupt your wireless signal. To clearly map this out, we can conduct a site survey and provide more insight in the situation

A common problem is that the wireless network is slow. We recommend placing the access points where the users are, the more the access points are in “sight” of the users, the better the network will function. To put it in a technical term, we recommend a signal strength of -67dBm or better. Another recommendation is to make sure you have a good channel plan to prevent having overlapping channels.

Wi-Fi technology is evolving very quickly. From the moment a new Wi-Fi standard is available, a new standard is already being discussed. Should you therefore wait for the new standard? From a software lifecycle point of view, maybe yes, as the new standard will last longer and will receive support. On the other hand, do you actually need the new functions that this Wi-Fi standard provides or can you get started with the existing Wi-Fi standard. In the latter case you can move on with the current standard.

AHFIBIT works as a vendor independent advisor, every Wi-Fi vendor has its strengths and capabilities. The choice of vendor can be determined by the needs of your wireless network. Each vendor has access points in their portfolio for high-density environments, while there are also those for low density. AHFIBIT can guide you in the right choice of the type of access point for your environment. Perhaps even more important is the configuration of the wireless network, it must be set to the needs of the network. As a WiFi expert, we can certainly provide you with the right advice!

Do you want AHFIBIT as a professional Wi-Fi advisor for your company ?

We’d love to from you and we are confident that we can design and install your wireless network flawlessly.