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Professional Wi-Fi at your event

During an event you want a good and stable wireless network so everyone can use the wireless network smoothly. The need for the wireless network can vary greatly. With a good and secure wireless network you can improve the customer experience or ensure that the staff can perform their tasks.

A strong Wi-Fi network is important for your event.

A wireless network is extremely important to ensure that your mobile payment points work smoothly. These mobile payment points are very important and we must therefore protect them. With a good wireless network design, we can ensure that these mobile payment points can work safely and flawlessly.

For event visitors, a wireless network is part of the event experience. Through the wireless network, visitors can record events and share them with friends over the wireless network. Because an event involves a large number of devices connected simultaneously, a high-density design is of ultimate importance.

AHFIBIT can build this high-density and security design together with you. This can be a temporary installation or permanent depending on the location.

Professional Wi-Fi at your event or conference

Wi-Fi Site Survey

A site survey is a thorough analysis of the wireless network. It identifies the disruptive factors or determines the most optimal position for a new access point.

Wi-Fi Site Survey includes

  • Professional intake to discuss requirement
  • Security issues identified on your network
  • Wi-Fi heatmap & channel plan
  • Clear defined site survey report
  • Meeting to discuss results

Benefits of professional Wi-Fi for your event

With a professional wireless network for your event, you can worry-free allow all your users to access the wireless network at the same time so that everyone can participate in the event. Either as an employee or as a visitor.

If we allow different types of users to your wireless, good segmentation is important, so we can separate data traffic and block unauthorized access.

Professional Wi-Fi at your event or festival

Frequently asked questions about Wi-Fi

A common problem is that the wireless network is slow. The reason for this is that too many users are connected to the same access point, which greatly reduces the speed. To resolve this we need to re-design so that we limit the number of users per access point.

To allow visitors and employees to use a wireless network at the same time, we must publish multiple wireless network names. Each network name has its own access code or portal to access the wireless network. In the backbone of the netwerk we can split the traffic into separate tunnels in order to prevent users have unauthorized access.

If you are going to build a wireless network for an event, you can build a wireless bridge if capacity allows for it. This way you don’t have to run cabling to every access point, as you only need a power supply from the electricity grid. This way you can work in zones and provide a good and stable wireless signal for each zone. Connecting all access points via fixed cabling is always better, but in some cases you still have to fall back on wireless bridges or mesh.

Would you like to have a Wi-Fi network installed for your event by AHFIBIT?

If you would like to have a wireless network set up for your event, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options