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Professional Wi-Fi in healthcare

A wireless network for your healthcare is strongly driven by the mobility of your mobile devices and medical equipment. AHFIBIT has the expertise to provide your personnel with a smooth connection.

A reliable Wi-Fi network can be a life-saver

Medical personnel will use laptops or other mobile devices to perform their duties, these mobile devices need to have a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection everywhere they go. Access points that are placed in the corridor might not be sufficient to provide a good signal strength in patient rooms.

Voice or Wi-Fi are becoming more and more a standard in a modern healtcare environment. To provide seamless roaming with voice over Wi-Fi we need a decent wifi design with enough cell overlap to make sure these mobile voice handset can roam without loosing voice quality.

Confidential information about patients should be secured as much as possible, we need to protect the data on the Wi-Fi network from eavesdropping or man-in-the-middle attacks. AHFIBIT can help you design your Wi-Fi network so that it can pass a security audit with flying colors !

Wi-Fi Site Survey

A site survey is a thorough analysis of the wireless network. It identifies the disruptive factors or determines the most optimal position for a new access point.

Wi-Fi Site Survey includes

  • Professional intake to discuss requirement
  • Security issues identified on your network
  • Wi-Fi heatmap & channel plan
  • Clear defined site survey report
  • Meeting to discuss results

The benefits of a strong Wi-Fi network in your healthcare

AHFIBIT is the WiFi expert and can advise you on setting up a wireless network for your healthcare environment

  • Seamless roaming with mobile devices
  • Critical applications such as voice over Wi-Fi must function smoothly
  • Allow for legacy medical equipment to connect
  • Maximum security to avoid cyber attacks

Frequently asked question for Wi-Fi in healthcare

To make your network sufficiently secure, we recommend using the latest security methods such as WPA3. With WPA3 and a sufficiently long password, your security will greatly improve. Ultimately, you can supplement it with server infrastructure such as RADIUS.

To implement voice over Wi-Fi, we recommend conducting a site survey to validate your Wi-Fi network. Voice over Wi-Fi is very sensitive, if the network is not ready to process real-time applications such as voice, the user will experience poor call quality.

Access points in the corridor will provide great connectivity in the corridor but once you get in the roams, the signal strength might degrade very quickly. A Wi-Fi design with access points in the corridor can cause bad roaming experience for highly mobile devices.

Wi-Fi network in your healthcare environment by AHFIBIT ?

If you would like to contact us to set up your offices with a wireless network that is future-proof, contact us here and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you.