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Professional wi-fi in your

Wi-Fi is crucial for efficient logistics in warehouses. It supports essential processes such as the use of barcode scanners for order fulfillment, communication between colleagues via voice over Wi-Fi and checking inventories via mobile devices.

Expertise in wireless networks in warehouses

At AHFIBIT we have the right expertise, experience and tools to provide your warehouse with a secure and professional wireless network.

We start with a thorough professional Site Survey and spectrum analysis to determine the right approach. After implementation, a validation survey follows to ensure that everything has been optimized down to the last detail as discussed at the start.

With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your Wi-Fi network works reliably and efficiently, allowing your warehouse operations to run smoothly.

Wi-Fi throughput
Performance profit
Wi-Fi uptime

Wi-Fi Site Survey

A site survey is a thorough analysis of the wireless network. It identifies the disruptive factors or determines the most optimal position for a new access point.

Wi-Fi Site Survey includes

  • Professional intake to discuss requirement
  • Security issues identified on your network
  • Wi-Fi heatmap & channel plan
  • Clear defined site survey report
  • Meeting to discuss results

The benefits of a strong Wi-Fi network in your warehouse

Fewer disruptions during the logistics process contribute to a more efficient working environment. A reliable Wi-Fi connection plays a crucial role in this. Thanks to a good Wi-Fi connection, employees can perform online actions faster, resulting in increased productivity within the warehouse.

Employees experience less frustration when they can rely on a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection. This contributes to staff satisfaction

In addition, a customized Wi-Fi strategy can save costs for the warehouse. By investing in an optimized Wi-Fi network that is tailored to the specific needs of the warehouse, unnecessary expenses can be avoided. This results in more efficient use of resources and improved operational efficiency.

Frequently asked questions about Wi-Fi in warehouses

Because a warehouse or industrial hall is very high and if the access points are placed against the roof, the signal will weaken significantly if you receive it with a barcode scanner. That’s why we want to direct the signal where we need it and use external directional antennas to create a spotlight effect.

To design a network, we can usually start with floor plans of the warehouse or industrial hall. Based on these floor plans and with the necessary information about the needs of the wireless network, we can draw up a good design without having to go through the warehouse.

Proper planning of the WiFi channels in your warehouse is essential. Because a warehouse is usually very high, we can hear a standard access point from a very long distance. As soon as too many access points are installed and if the channel planning is not optimally carried out, this will affect the stability of your wireless network.

Would you like to have a Wi-Fi network installed in your warehouse by AHFIBIT?

Do you have a warehouse and do you want to build a new wireless network or are you experiencing Wi-Fi problems in your warehouse? Contact us and we will get in touch to discuss the possibilities