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Professional Wi-Fi in your offices

A wireless network for your offices is strongly driven by the mobility of your mobile devices. A future-proof network should allow you to move from your flexible workspaces to a meeting room without losing connection with your video call. At AHFIBIT we have the expertise to provide your users with a secure connection anywhere.

A strong Wi-Fi network is crucial for the operation of your offices

In the past, every user had a landline connection on their desk, but many organizations now work with a Wi-Fi first approach. All staff must be able to perform their tasks simultaneously via this WiFi connection. What if the connection drops during a video call with an important prospect?

Voice or Wi-Fi and video calling are standard in a modern network, even with full occupancy we should be able to speak to our customers over Wi-Fi without any problems. Confidential information that we send over the wireless network must therefore be maximally secured to prevent cyber attacks.

Professional Wi-Fi in your offices

Wi-Fi Site Survey

A site survey is a thorough analysis of the wireless network. It identifies the disruptive factors or determines the most optimal position for a new access point.

Wi-Fi Site Survey includes

  • Professional intake to discuss requirement
  • Security issues identified on your network
  • Wi-Fi heatmap & channel plan
  • Clear defined site survey report
  • Meeting to discuss results

The benefits of a strong Wi-Fi network in your offices

AHFIBIT is the WiFi expert and can advise you on setting up a wireless network for your offices or business building.

  • Seamlessly connect mobile devices anytime, anywhere
  • Critical applications such as voice over Wi-Fi must function smoothly
  • Sufficient capacity with full occupancy of flex spaces
  • Maximum security to avoid cyber attacks

Frequently asked questions about Wi-Fi for corporate offices

To make sure your is network secure, we recommend using the latest security methods such as WPA3. With WPA3 and a sufficiently long password, your security will greatly improve. Ultimately, you can supplement it with server infrastructure such as RADIUS.

To implement voice over Wi-Fi, we recommend conducting a site survey to validate your Wi-Fi network. Voice over Wi-Fi is very sensitive, if the network is not ready to process real-time applications such as voice, the user will experience poor call quality. Secondary signal strength is required to provide seamless roaming for voice over Wi-Fi

If too many mobile devices are connected to the same access point, the user will have a poor performance on the wireless network. To resolve this, the network must be redesigned and the necessary configuration changes applied.

Would you like to have a Wi-Fi network installed in your offices by AHFIBIT?

If you would like to contact us to set up your offices with a wireless network that is future-proof, contact us here and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you.