Configure SmartZone Dataplane

When deploying Ruckus Networks with SmartZone architecture, the access points run by default in bridge mode. All traffic is being bridged onto the wired network in a VLAN, but in some situation you may want all traffic to be tunneled for enhanced control functions like QoS for voice traffic, PCI compliancy or centralized breakout Continue reading “Configure SmartZone Dataplane”

FIPS certification on Ruckus Ap

On 11 march 2019 Ruckus networks achieved the FIPS 140-2 compliance level, more specifically level 2. For Ruckus as a hardware vendor this is a big deal because this means they can deploy Ruckus wireless technology for the US Federal Government. Since US Federal Government has strict requirements for technology this is a benefit also for them, they have more options now in picking a hardware vendor for wireless projects Continue reading “FIPS certification on Ruckus Ap”

Radio innovations in Wi-Fi

With the release of SmartZone 5.0 Ruckus networks provided some nice features to upgrade W-Fi performance in busy environments. Ruckus hardware always had BeamFlex+ technologie integrated in the access points to deliver wireless signal to clients in a smart way. From SmartZone 5.0 Ruckus added some functionalities to provide even more enhancements Continue reading “Radio innovations in Wi-Fi”

A use case for every freq

In the era of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 a lot of information is out there, some say 5G will be inevitable and will completely replace Wi-Fi. Some say Wi-Fi will persist and will remain mandatory. My belief is that we will need both, or we need W-Fi as mandatory medium to communicate but also an alternative frequency like 5G to deliver connectivity in a more geographically spread area Continue reading “A use case for every freq”